Tax Law

  • advice on legislation on controlled foreign companies (CFCs);
  • judicial and extrajudicial contestation of the tax authorities’ decisions and actions (inaction) of the tax authorities’ officials, including:
    1. representation in court at cases of justification of tax benefit and good faith of the taxpayer, including insurance and reinsurance contracts
      contesting the results of on-site and tax audits,
    2. disputes on the rights and obligations of the parties to tax legal relations,


  • disputes on the accurateness of calculation and completeness of tax payments, other obligatory payments, tax reporting, etc.
  • oral and written legal advice on issues related to the fulfillment of tax obligations and tax liability;
  • representation of interests of taxpayers in relations with tax authorities;
  • advice on tax legislation for foreign companies, representative offices, and branches of foreign firms;
  • taxation of investment projects abroad.