Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law

Optimization of the corporate structure of business companies and holding groups, legal representation in corporate disputes. More details…

Legal Representation in Commercial Litigation

Legal representation in commercial courts of all levels on a wide range of issues, legal assistance in the recognition, enforcement, appeal of enforcement of foreign court decisions, international commercial arbitrations awards; legal assistance in recognition and enforcement of Russian commercial courts’ decisions abroad. More details...

Insurance Law and Reinsurance

A full range of legal assistance for insurance and reinsurance companies, intermediaries insurance brokers and insurance agents, mutual insurance companies, legal representation in disputes arising from insurance legal relations. More details...

Commercial Arbitration

Representing clients in international commercial arbitration in the Russian Federation and in the European Union, Switzerland, Great Britain, consultations regarding the arbitrability of a dispute, the choice of the place for a hearing and the applicable law, conclusion and execution of an arbitration agreement, advice regarding formation of arbitration tribunal panel and arbitration proceedings. More details…

Contract Law

Drafting and review of civil contracts, foreign trade contracts (including in English, German, French) under international agreements and conventions, the applicable international legal acts and business customs, legal representation in disputes arising from a contractual relationship. More details...

Private International Law

Advice regarding the optimal choice of substantive law to be applied to a foreign trade contract, as well as other property and non-property relations with the participation of a foreign entity. More details…

Legal Assistance Abroad

If you have questions related to another country, for example, you need to find a foreign lawyer, accountant or auditor, to state the case or to discuss legal and financial terms of the assumed transaction with the counterparty, to determine the competence of a foreign lawyer, - the «Klochenko and Partners Law Firm» lawyers are ready to render you such assistance. More details…

Tax Law

Judicial and extrajudicial appeal of the tax authorities’ decisions and actions (inaction) by the tax authorities’ officials; oral and written legal advice on issues related to the fulfillment of tax obligations and tax liability. Advice on the provisions of the OECD International Convention on the automatic exchange of tax information, standards for the automatic exchange of tax information (CRS). More details…

Currency and Antitrust Regulation

Advice on currency regulation and currency control, antitrust regulation:

  • advice on the currency laws enforcement;
  • client support in the course of antitrust authority inspections;
  • legal support in obtaining the FAS of Russia’s endorsement of transactions;
  • legal support in disputes with state regulatory authorities.
Intellectual Law

Drafting and legal review of agreements on alienation (assignment) of exclusive intellectual property rights, legal support (including abroad) of state registration of intellectual property, legal representation as to the protection of intellectual property rights. More details…

Real Estate

Legal analysis of real estate and legal support of all types of transactions related to purchase and sale, transfer to use (possession), encumbrance of buildings, premises and land, legal representation in resolving disputes related to rights to real estate. More details…

Professional translation of legal documents

All lawyers and employees of the Klochenko and Partners Law Firm are fluent in foreign languages and legal translation techniques. For our regular customers:

- we carry out written translation of legal documents;
- we examine translations of legal documents made by third parties;
- we carry out consular legalization, notarization of translator's signature, copies of documents in foreign languages.
Working languages: English, German, French, Polish.

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