Intellectual Law

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Drafting of contracts and legal expertise in the field of intellectual property:

  • on the alienation (assignment) of exclusive intellectual property rights;
  • on the transfer to third parties of rights to use intellectual property (license and concession agreements);
  • legal support of the state registration of intellectual property (i.a. abroad);
  • legal audit of potential legal risks of the rights holder;
  • personal data protection under Federal Law No. 152-FZ;
  • advice on personal data protection in the territory of the European Union EU Regulation 2016/679.

Representation in Intellectual law Contacts Litigation:

  • disputes on the violation of the exclusive right to intellectual property;
  • disputes on the cessation of further use of intellectual property;
  • disputes regarding the illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods (recovery of losses, the requirement to remove the illegally used trademark or designation similar to it to the point of confusion from the goods or their packaging);
  • disputes on the conclusion and execution of license and concession agreements, agreements on alienation (assignment) of rights;
  • disputes about the establishment of the copyright holder;
  • disputes about the establishment of authorship and the payment of remuneration to the author.