Corporate Law

Business companies’ and Holding groups’ corporate structure optimization:

  • corporate structure legal audit (legal due diligence);
  • holding groups optimization and restructuring in order to strengthen protection and control over assets, prepare the business for sale or to attract investments;
  • company’s activity legal risks analysis and assessment, legal risk management system development;
  • contractual relationship development between holding group companies and third parties;
  • internal corporate acts development;
  • preparation of legal opinions on various issues of corporate law.

Creation, reorganization, purchase (sale) of legal entities:

  • formation (including development and legal review of statutory documents) of legal entities of various legal forms, including the formation of subsidiaries of foreign organizations in Russia and subsidiaries abroad;
  • opening of representative offices and formation of branches of foreign organizations in Russia;
  • reorganization and liquidation of legal entities;
  • advice, documents preparation and full support of the purchase of share (shares in the authorized capital);
  • drafting agreements:
    1. On the exercise of the rights of participants in limited liability companies;
    1. On the exercise of shareholder’ rights.


Corporate Dispute Litigation:

  • on appealing decisions of the company management bodies;
  • on invalidation of the company statutory documents;
  • on contesting the company state registration;
  • on contesting transactions for the purchase (sale) of shares (shares in the authorized capital);
  • on contesting transactions for the purchase (sale) of shares (shares in the authorized capital);
  • on contesting major transactions and related party transactions;
  • on expelling a participant from a company;
  • on compensation for losses caused to a company by actions (inaction) of the company management bodies, etc.