Contract Law

Drafting and review of civil contracts:

  • drafting and review of civil contracts (including in English, German, French), agreeing terms of contracts with counterparties, amendment and termination of contracts;
  • suggesting methods for ensuring the observance of counterparty contractual obligations (forfeit, pledge, retainer, warranty, bank guarantee, deposit);
  • development of effective measures to protect participants in contractual relations in judicial and extrajudicial manner contracts;
  • drafting of legal opinions on various issues of contract law.

Judicial representation in disputes arising from contractual relations:

  • claims for debt collection under supply contracts (services, work), recovery of losses and / or loss of profit;
  • claims for invalidating disputed transactions, for applying the consequences of invalidity of disputable and void transactions;
  • claims for declaring the contract null and void;
  • claims on compulsion to conclude and on termination (amendment) of contracts;
  • other claims related to the performance of contractual obligations by the counterparty;
  • claims for recovery (for reimbursement of value) of unjust enrichment, etc.